Mortal Veil - Vanessa Fewings

Mortal Veil

By Vanessa Fewings

  • Release Date: 2015-06-22
  • Genre: Paranormal


A Stone Masters Vampire Series Short Story.

With no recollection of the last three years of his life, Zach Harris finds himself stumbling back down the rabbit hole when his new friend Feebs takes him searching for answers. 

The only clues: a mysterious bank deposit of a half-million pounds and Zach’s branded-black tattoo of a raven. Their quest for the truth will lead them to the seediest parts of London, and Zach will have to face the unspeakable truth of a past better off forgotten.
A short story from Fewings’ beloved Stone Master’s series, “Mortal Veil” features familiar characters in the always-sexy Belshazzar’s night club, favorite hangout of England’s most wicked vampires.

Fewings brings vampire fiction back to its Anne Rice roots with dark deeds and delicious monsters.

Fans will love this return to the world of nightwalkers, and new readers will get their first taste of this thrilling series that gives vampires back the dangerous allure they’ve held on readers since Dracula first hit shelves.